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This is what I do.

I make designs come true. I work closely with designers giving functionality to their designs. I love layouts and grids, easy to read and navigate. I also love web typography and I enjoy working with fonts type and sizes. I develop Php based CMS websites, mainly on Drupal or Wordpress, creating themes, implementing plugins and creating them when necessary. I have an interest in database free CMSs, especially Github’s Jekyll.

What I use

Sublime Text for all my coding, HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS (SASS).
Grunt Task Runner for all my Javascript and CSS.
Sketch and Photoshop for graphics (Photo processing, icons,  website graphics, sprites, etc.).
Fontographer and FontPrep for font processing.
GIT and Unix terminal, FTP, MAMP, etc.

When I’m not working

Watch films.
Read books, the digital way.
Play sports.